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The online world is roaring in the high pitch in every human’s life. It has given rise to multiple application in day to day life. The most important contribution of the online world is the modernization of technology. the Web application is undoubtedly saving our every second and solving every documental problem. However, the updated 360 web application has its color and custom. There are uncountable uses of the web in the modern era. Every application has a unique functionality. It gives you various options for riding the steps of success in your respective careers.


 A web application is designed to run on smartphones, browsers, desktop computers, and pc. There are several types of web application. Some are-

Static web application:

The web app has limited flexibility and content. It is usually developed using HTML and CSS. It has banners, GIFs, videos, etc. in addition to the app. However, there are other sources like jQuery and Ajax for development of app. modification in the content of the static web apps does not come easily. you need to download HTML and make the necessary changes, finally uploading back in the server. It is legally acceptable if the required modifications are made on the witness of the webmaster or the developmental company, who designed the app for the first time.

Dynamic web application:

It has an additional level of complexity in terms of technical level. The apps use the current databases and update them at regular interval. There is a panel called CMS handling the modification of the content of the app. You can use several programming languages for the development of dynamic web app. The point of updating the material comes in a more relaxed state comparative to static. The serves have nothing to do with the updating mechanism.

Online store and eCommerce:

If the web application is an online store, you are handling m-commerce or e-commerce. The process of web app development is more complicated. It has got online payments via credit cards and other monetary transaction ways. The app is used to list down the products, updating and eliminating the list of orders.


 There is much application of web apps in recent counts. However, some are extensively popular, aiming the mass. Among them, the animated web application is widely notable.

Animated web application: the animated web app uses FLASH technology. It has the feature of representing the contents with impressive animations. It takes more creative aspects in its counts. The usage of animated web apps is widely observed in the offices of designers and original representatives. The web app lags behinds in the suitable web positioning of SEO optimization.

There are many 360 web application in the recent tech-savvy era. People cannot even think of living without web use, even for a second. You need to look for your requirements based on which find suitable web apps for yourself. If you are new to this web era, you can go through the different diverging functionalities of web apps and decide the best suitable one for your work.